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Low Carbon at Work

Modelling Agents and Organisations to achieve Transition to a Low Carbon Europe 

 LOCAW will advance our understanding of the drivers of and barriers to sustainable lifestyles by an integrative investigation of the determinants of everyday practices and behaviours within large scale organizations. The project will analyse 

  • the patterns of production and consumption in the workplace with their resulting GHG emissions; 
  • organizational strategies to reduce emissions and implement EU regulations regarding the greening of their production processes. 
  • everyday practices and behaviours at work of employees on different levels of decision-making within the organization. 
  • the relationship between behaviours and practices at work and behaviours and practices outside work. 
  • the patterns of interaction between relevant agents and stakeholders in the organization‘s environment and the resulting barriers and drivers for implementing sustainable practices and behaviours in the workplace. 


LOCAW will examine large organizations in the public as well as the private sector, including light as well as heavy industry.
The research will be undertaken in six countries: Italy, Romania, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and the UK.The research will be undertaken by a multidisciplinary team working in the areas of psychology, sociology, geography, business studies, and artificial intelligence.

This research has received funding from the European Union FP7 Programme. The total budget for this project add up to € 1.9 million.



The everyday as a research object: LOCAW studies the routines and rituals of everyday life, defined as taken-for-granted practices that are continuously repeated. It is one of the first research studies that explicitly examines sustainable practices and behaviors in the workplace in different EU countries and in several types of organizations.




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