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Tony Craig (Country/Region Leader)

Environmental psychology researcher within the socio-economics group at MLURI. His research interests are in the relationship between psychological factors and environmentally relevant behaviour. Dr. Craig has worked on research projects looking at people's attitudes to issues including sustainable wastewater management, sustainable housing, and public participation in urban design. More recently, he has been involved in a number of studies looking at individual and community level responses to climate change in Scotland, including a large study of the ability of appliance-specific energy feedback technology to facilitate household energy reduction. Dr. Craig works with Dr. Gotts on GILDED, in areas including the integration of case-study data within agent-based models. In 2003, he ran the 3rd conference of the EPUK (Environmental Psychology in the UK) network, with the theme 'Crossing Boundaries - The Value of Interdisciplinary Research'. He is currently supervising 3 PhD students in the field of environmental psychology. He leads the MLURI team.

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