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David Uzzell

Professor of Environmental Psychology, a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and Director, EPRG. He specializes in social and environmental psychological approaches to changing consumption and production practices in the context of sustainable development (especially waste, transport, energy and climate change). He is a Co-Investigator on a five-year ESRC-funded interdisciplinary research programme examining the links between lifestyle, societal values and energy consumption (RESOLVE). He is also undertaking research on a Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research project on “Trade Unions facing the dual challenge of globalising work division and globalising environmental degradation”. He was a consultant to the EU (INTERREG IIIC) ChangeLAB Project (Changing Lifestyles, Attitudes and Behaviour) which devised practical proposals for local governments to promote sustainable consumption. He is also an International Academic Adviser to the EU FP7 project “CRIC: Identity and Conflict. Cultural Heritage and the Reconstruction of Identities after Conflict.” (SSH-CT- 2007; Grant Agreement 217411). Other research interests focus on risk, crime and the environment, architecture and the role of heritage on identity formation. His research has been funded by the EU, national and local government, international agencies, the UK and Swedish research councils and industry.

David Uzzell has co/authored/edited 6 books, 43 book chapters, and 51 peer-reviewed journal papers. In November 2008, he was invited by the American Psychological Association and eight other international psychological associations to speak at the United Nations about psychological responses to climate change.

He is Past President of the International Association of People-Environment Studies (IAPS), the British Psychological Society’s representative on the European Federation of Psychologists’ Association Task Force on Environmental Psychology, and Visiting Professor at the University of Umeå.

David Uzzell is the leader of WP 5.

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