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University of Groningen (The Netherlands)

The University of Groningen was founded in 1614. It is the second oldest and third largest (>20000 students, >5000 staff members) University in the Netherlands. The University offers more than 50 study programmes. The total annual budget is about 550 Mfl, of which 100 Mfl is acquired through contract research.

The department of Psychology is part of the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences at the University of Groningen (RUG), The Netherlands. Areas of activity are, amongst others, environmental psychology, with a special interest in factors influencing behaviours relevant for household energy use and corporate sustainability. The department has been involved in various EU funded project, among which ASI, ADVISORS, AWAKE, BARENERGY, DRUID, GILDED, HASTE, HILAS, SAVE, TRAINER, and TRAVEL GUIDE. Besides, various projects have been funded by local and central government in the Netherlands, business (such as Royal Ahold, Essent, Univé, and various insurance companies) and by the The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

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