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University of Surrey (United Kingdom)

The University of Surrey was established in 1966 and is a research-led university with a reputation for undertaking applied and policy-oriented research with a focus on relevant and practical applications for enhancing Europe’s competitive edge and creating improvements in the areas of health, medicine, space science, the environment, communications, defence and social policy.

The Environmental Psychology Research Group (EPRG) http://www.psy.surrey.ac.uk/Research/environmental_psychology/index.htm is the leading research centre for environmental psychology in the UK and one of the principal research centres in Europe, with a particular specialist interest in the psychology of sustainable development. It has a long history of undertaking applied and policy-relevant work for local and national government and the EU, as well as industry and NGOs, and has expertise in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. The Group currently comprises four full-time academic staff, four post-doctoral research fellows, six PhD students and several Visiting Professors from overseas including two members of this proposal.

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